3 Tips for Surviving Seasonality

The summer season can be one of the busiest times of the year for the service industry. While working overtime or picking up several extra shifts may be great for your bank account, it may not always be so fantastic for your stress levels. To keep your sanity and stress levels in check as you work through this hectic time of year, here are three beneficial tips to help you survive the season and collect those extra checks.

Make a List and Prioritize

While it may seem like you have a million tasks to complete in between your shifts, making a list and prioritizing is a great strategy to use to make sure all of your most important responsibilities are completed. While you may want to go shopping or binge watch a show on Netflix, you probably need to make sure that you have clean clothes and food at home first. Prioritizing your needs while finding a balance is key to making the most of that time in between your shifts.

Create a social calendar and schedule in time for yourself

While individuals remember to prioritize their physical needs (eating, getting enough sleep, clean clothes, etc), people often forget to consider their social and emotional health. Though they may not be used to organizing an entire calendar (or even a section of their calendar) that is directly devoted to their social lives, planning out your time with others can be helpful. This ensures that you actually make some time for important friends and family. Whether it’s time with people you care about, or even just some down-time with yourself, directly scheduling your social engagements allows you to utilize your free time to its fullest. And that down-time has some serious perks for your health. People often refer to this “down-time” as “practicing self care” and in fact, here are some TedTalks that speak to its importance in our lives’ overall well-being and health.

Remind your Family and Friends

It’s super easy to get serious FOMO (fear of missing out) or feel frustrated when your friends and family members are constantly contacting you to hang out while you’re working to earn extra cash. Giving your friends and family some gentle reminders about your incredibly busy time at work will help them realize what your schedule is like during this season. They may even make the extra effort to help you out or plan social occasions around your busy schedule. Keeping all the important people in your life in the loop is key to helping ease your stress.


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Summer Hacks for Staying Cool During Your Shift

While summer can be one of the most profitable times of year for those in the service industry, it can also bring high rising temperatures and sweltering heat waves that can add new challenges to your shifts. This summer stay cool with these wardrobe hacks that will help you combat the soaring weather digits of the season.  

Wear an undershirt

While wearing an undershirt may seem like it would be contradictory to your goal of staying cool in the heat, BBC America suggests that it actually helps wick the sweat from your skin and outer layers of clothing, utilizing your body’s natural cool down process. While the undershirt will remain sweaty, your body and outer layer of clothing will stay refreshed making an undershirt the ultimate hack for maximizing your coolness during your shifts.

Invest in breathable fabrics

When purchasing clothing to wear for your shifts in the warmer months of the year be sure to check the labels for the materials. Stay away from fabrics like polyester, rayon or wool if possible, and search for cotton clothing. Cotton is not only super comfortable, which is so important on those long summer shifts, but it also allows for better air circulation.

Carry a handkerchief

While you may think that a handkerchief is only used by older generations, it can be extremely helpful for wicking away sweat and keeping you cool this summer. A handkerchief can help you keep your makeup from melting off your face or just generally wiping away sweat from your brow. Either way a handkerchief is useful for staying fresh during your shift. You can buy some colorful options here or plain white options here!

Wash your clothes often

When you’re working those extra summer shifts it may be hard to find time to make sure all your clothes are washed for each day, however, re-wearing sweaty clothes is not ideal for cleanliness or keeping you cool. Leftover sweat blocks the fabrics ability to be light and breathable, so make sure you take the time to wash your clothes after every sweat-filled shift.

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Lifting Tips for the Warehouse

Warehouse associates know better than most about the seriousness of “must be able to lift 50+ pounds” in the job description. It’s unsurprising when you learn that improper lifting is one of the top three causes of workplace injuries in the warehouse. Not only will proper lifting form make you work more efficiently, it will put your manager’s mind at ease. If you’re looking to start working in the warehouse or just interested in improving your current technique, here are a few tips to get you started.

Keep Your Back Straight and Bend At Your Knees

The first rule of lifting in the warehouse is to keep your back straight. One of the top mistakes is bending at the waist to lift an object, even if you think it’s lightweight. When bending to pick up an object, the pressure is put on your spine. Minimize the likelihood of a back injury by remembering to always keep your back straight and bending at your knees rather than your waist.

Know What You’re Lifting

Depending on the inventory in your warehouse, some packages may be awkward or uncomfortable to lift. Be sure the weight in what you’re lifting is balanced and packed. After you’ve assessed the package, ensure that you have a tight grip on it before you lift. Don’t assume that, because a package is small, it’s lightweight.

Understand Your Limits

If you are unsure of a package’s weight, try to push the package with your foot. If it seems like it’s too heavy, don’t try to be a superhero – ask for help if you need it. For those that wear back belts, you should not assume that they will always protect you while lifting heavy loads. It’s better to use a forklift or dolly if you can.


Workplace injuries from improper lifting are easy to prevent if you know the right form and have the right tools to help you succeed. Knowing what you’re lifting, using the proper form, and understanding your limits will help minimize the chance for injuries.


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How to Get Promoted: Do’s and Don’t’s

Looking to move up in your workplace? Have an interest in grabbing the attention of your supervisor to expand in your organization? It may be intimidating to concentrate on getting promoted at work, but here are some easy do’s and don’t’s that will help you make a smart and lasting impression at your company.

Do: Always Be Ready to Learn Something New

Frequently in the work world, people become complacent with the work they are doing and don’t expand their knowledge beyond what they already know. As technology and resources for your company are always growing and adapting, it is important to stay up to date on the latest changes and regularly be expanding your knowledge base. Maintaining an eager attitude that shows you’re willing to learn new things will go a long way with your boss and demonstrates that you are a valuable asset to the company.

Don’t: Be Afraid of a Challenge

Always take advantage of opportunities to expand and challenge yourself. As Forbes suggests, it is important for you to take opportunities at your workplace that allow you to go beyond your job description. This will allow you to expand into the company and establish new relationships that could be critical in networking and getting promoted. It is key to set the precedent early on that you are always ready to go beyond your job description and help out others with new challenges.

Do: Make Effort to Bond with Your Boss

Frequently, in order for you to expand upward in a company, your direct supervisor will be responsible for helping you make that move. Quintessential Careers suggests finding opportunities to bond with your boss and express your interest in establishing forward momentum within your workplace. Take the time to get to know your boss and develop a genuine connection with them. Sincerity goes a long way and will make a substantial difference in the way you are viewed by your supervisor, thus aiding in your ability to get promoted.

Don’t: Forget the Small Details

Do not let the small specifics fall through the cracks at your workplace. Though it can be easy to forget the minuscule details, when they are forgotten it is obvious exactly what has been disturbed. Taking the time and effort to ensure that all the bits and pieces of your projects or work assignments come together is crucial for showcasing your talents as an exceptional worker who deserves a promotion.

Do: Take the Time to Express Gratitude

For every joint project, collaboration or kind act another does for you in your workplace, it is important that you take the time to thank everyone involved. Conveying your gratitude showcases your ability to work well in a team and establish strong networks within the company. Building strong workplace connections with others is essential in moving up within your organization.


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Shiftgig Celebrates “Embrace Your Geekness” Day

Did you know that today is Embrace your Geekness day? Really, we didn’t make this up. Visit this page to learn the real definition of a “geek” and suggestions for celebrating it.  In honor of the holiday and geekness everywhere, we here at Shiftgig have asked our employees to share with us how they embrace their inner geek.

“My fiance and I are OBSESSED with Star Wars, and Marvel & DC Comics. Our son has since become obsessed with anything and everything super heroes. We see all the new movies religiously, and our son carries his IronMan, Captain America, and Finn figurines everywhere we go. It is definitely a family affair.” -Gina, Community Operations, Phoenix

“I rock Pokemon GO 100%!” -Eric, Community Operations, New York

“I’ve been telling people for 2.7 years now that I host pub quiz with Geeks Who Drink! I rock the absolute best bar trivia in the city.” -Mike, Inside Sales, Corporate

“I read and collect comic books in my spare time. X-MEN are awesome!” -Mark, Dallas, ComOps

“I play Pokemon Go with no shame! My boyfriend and I went to Houston’s downtown park (Discovery Green) late in the night around 11PM to “catch” a Pokemon. Funny thing is, there were other people in the park who was doing the same thing. I’ve caught 30 so far and I’m looking to catch more when I get to Chicago tomorrow.” -Sylvanna, Community Operations, Houston

“I love adult coloring books!” -Jade, Business Analyst, Corporate

“I ran the New Orleans Running of the Bulls event dressed up as a dinosaur.” Kim, General Manager, New Orleans


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Honoring Our Veterans: LeScotcia’s Journey to Shiftgig

LeScotcia, known as “L” to her Shiftgig peers, is not the typical Specialist. Originally from Opelousas, LA, she moved to Houston over ten years ago and enrolled at Baylor. Facing a similar problem that most college students have, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do or what her purpose was; she just knew that she wanted to change the world, build a nation, and give back one day at a time. After just one semester, LeScotcia knew she wanted to enlist in the United States Air Force.

LeScotcia is an Iraq veteran and served a total of eight years with the USAF. During her time, she traveled the world and is proud to have served our country. In her last two years of her military career, LeScotcia opened a new chapter in her life – giving birth to her son Jace Josiah. “He’s an incredibly baby boy who fills my days with joy and my heart with joy”, she said.

After her enlistment was completed, LeScotcia moved to Atlanta to start her own food business. Unsurprising to those who know of her love for Louisiana dishes, LeScotcia’s favorite dishes to make are lagniappe linguine and gumbo. Her infamous gumbo recipe includes ingredients like chicken breast, shrimp, crab legs, tasso, sausage, crawfish tails, and smoked turkey necks with homemade roux. She resides in Houston and occasionally travels to Atlanta to continue working on her food truck concept.

In her time off between shifts and travelling, she enjoys spending time with her large family, including her three sisters, nieces and nephews, her mother, and most importantly her son. “Working at Shiftgig has been the most convenient, resourceful, and enjoyable job I have ever had”, LeScotcia stated. “I enjoy the flexibility most because I am very family oriented and am working on establishing my own corporation. The people I meet at different events are awesome to work with and the clients have always made each shift pleasurable.” Her shifts have ranged from working as a server at different sporting events to bartending, and even shifts as a field supervisor.

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Shiftgig’s First Half of 2016

Did you know today marks the second half of the year? Since the first half of the year flew by, we’re revisiting the previous six months highlighting how we’ve grown and new initiatives we’ve implemented.

BuiltInChicago helped Chicagoans find ways to make a little extra on the side. They explained that anyone can pick up shifts through our mobile app, from the servers and bartenders to the brand representatives.

Shiftgig Specialists are more than just employees, they’re family. We appreciate their hard work and dedication. We began our Shiftgig Specialist Spotlight in order to highlight some of our outstanding Specialists. You can read their stories here.

Spend Matters included Shiftgig as as their WIP of the week. They recognized that “by taking the high ground and handling workers as W2 employees as employer of record, Shiftgig is demonstrating one of the forms a staffing supplier will take in a digital platform world.”

Our growth from online service industry job board to on-demand labor marketplace was recognized by the Chicago Tribune. In February, our Specialists proudly worked at the Super Bowl.

We made it to the final four of ChicagoInno’s 2016 Tech Madness bracket! Spothero and Jellyvision made it to the championship round, with Spothero being crowned the winner. We’ll see you next year!

Giving back to the community is an important initiative of Shiftgig’s. Our internal employees have begun volunteering with organizations of their choice, including Habitat for Humanity and Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie. You can see our employees efforts on our Facebook page.

We expanded operations to Tampa! Tampa marks our 9th office to open. Our Tampa General Manager, Laura Turner, is a 17-year recruiting industry veteran.

We also expanded operations to Milwaukee! Milwaukee is our 10th office to open. Shiftgig Specialist Cory explains the ease of using the app to pick up shifts.

We’re still growing! Our New Orleans office opened in May and marks our 11th office open for business.

Shiftgig founders Eddie Lou, Jeff Pieta, and Sean Casey were nominated as finalists for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 – Midwest. We were honored to have been among such wonderful talent!

Techweek included Shiftgig in their 2016 Techweek 100 Top Innovators list, alongside Spothero, Opternative, and Chicago Ventures.

Startup50 honored Shiftgig in their Startup Spotlight. “Shiftgig is well positioned to take advantage of this trend.”

Want to join our growing team? Apply to work for Shiftgig! You create your own schedule, so you work only when you want. Isn’t it time you worked on your terms?

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